Wednesday, August 22, 2007


San Jose Pilot Elementary School
is located in the heart of the town of San Jose With 30,500 sq. m. It is a stone –throw away of San Jose Cathedral and the Municipal Hall and town plaza. It is covered by the three barangays of San Jose, Brgy I, II and III.


Being in the heart of San Jose, 55% of our pupils parents are Government Employees, 20% are businessmen and 25% are laborers.

Almost half or 50% consider Tagalog as their mother tongue while 15% are Ilocano, 15% are Visaya, 10% Bicolano and another 10% are Nueva Ecijano. However, of the total population, 90% can speak Filipino and 60% can converse in English. 80% of the parents are Roman Catholic while the rest are Iglesia ni Kristo, Protestants and Methodists.

It is the dream of the school to develop productive citizens who can adapt himself to the demand of fast changing time and God –centered individuals without neglecting his values as a Filipino. Thus, our school adopts and formulates education development plans and projects that will adequately respond to the existing needs, demands and challenges of the time.

San Jose
Pilot Elementary School
, being the biggest in the Division has six (6) pre-elementary classes, four (4) in the morning and two (2) in the afternoon handled by two (2) pre-elementary trained teachers under the community based program. There are twelve (12) classes in Grade I, ten (10) in Grade II, ten (10) in Grade III, ten (10) in Grade IV, ten (10) in Grade V and ten (10) in Grade VI with a total of sixty-two (62). These classes are being handled by seventeen (17) Teacher I. nineteen (19) Teacher II thirty-three (33) Teacher III, two (2) Master Teacher I and one (1) Master Teacher II. The office personnel is consist of one (1) clerk, one (1) clerk II. The cleanliness of the surrounding is being maintained by three (3) utility workers.

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